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more things i guess

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Hannah Diamond - Attachment

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zoo-kini said: hell.. you're playing alongside Groundislava. that is so dope


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note from lucas: “Often when I am making music I have some idea of the place in which I want the song to exist. This ‘place’ can be a room, a field, an old cassette tape, etc. I think that attempting to capture the mood of a specific setting can give my songs a certain quality or atmosphere, and can help me choose sounds that will work well for the track. I will keep the inspiration for this song to myself, but I hope it takes u somewhere that means something to u :)”

note from ryan: “Lucas is a Seattle boy who gives equal attention to sounds, melodies and rhythm. His sounds range from crickets to video game SFX; melodies are jazzy but as full of emotion as something from Shlohmo… or emo Blink 182 era; but his drums kind of beat you to a pulp. I think he’s really part of this next movement that’s going to be run by producers who grew up caring more about rock and R&B than dance music.”

Lianabell Soto-Silva